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O kvalitě mého oblíbeného časopisu NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC svědčí nejen historie od roku 1888, ale hlavně miliony předplatitelů po celém světě. Nejde tedy o recenze, ale spíše o připomenutí jednotlivých čísel.

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June 1977, Vol. 151, No. 6


A Way of Life Called Maine
"More problems... than we rightly need"-newcomers, Indian land claims, limping local economies-fail to dull the zest and humor of the Down Easter, as captured by Ethel A. Starbird and photographer David Hiser.

Loch Ness: The Lake and the Legend
Does a monster really lurk in those moody Scottish waters? William S. Ellis describes the continuing search for "Nessie," as photographers Emory Kristof and David Doubilet try out some sophisticated gadgetry.

South Africa´s Lonely Ordeal
An island of white rule in a sea of black, South Africa tries to come to grips with rising demands for racial equality. William S. Ellis and James P. Blair assess its progress.

The Hallowed Isle, Mont Saint Michel
Kenneth Mac Leish and Cotton Coulson portray the glory of a sea-girt French monastery raised in honor of the archangel Michael.

People of Myth and Magic
Deep in Mexico´s mountains, Huichol Indians give James Norman and Guillermo Aldana E. a glimpse of a world where reality blurs.

Hope for the Bluebird
Home-built nesting boxes can lessen a threat of extinction for the harbinger of happiness. Lawrence Zeleny and Michael L. Smith chronicke a two-nation effort to save a bird.

Know Your World
Four new Special Publications explore America´s still-wild rivers, plants that make medicine, the Maya, and natural catastrophes.
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