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O kvalitě mého oblíbeného časopisu NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC svědčí nejen historie od roku 1888, ale hlavně miliony předplatitelů po celém světě. Nejde tedy o recenze, ale spíše o připomenutí jednotlivých čísel.

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January 1994, Vol. 185, No. 1


New Eyes on the Universe
By Bradford A. Smith
With revolutionary telescopes and a fleet of spaceborne instruments, scientist are seeing father, and more clearly, into the universe. Now they struggle to make sense of this extraordinary information.

Great Flood of ´93
By Alan Mairson
When water rampaged through the upper Mississippi River basin last summer, it left both broken levees and broken hearts, stirring up a century-old debate on U.S. flood-control policy.

Riding Out the Worst of Times
By Bill Bryson
A native son return to flood-ravaged Des Moines, Iowa, and finds its virtues of grit, good humor, and neighborly generosity holding fast.

By Tracy Dahlby
Japan´s southernmost main island sheds its backwater image as it lures research labs and high-tech factories-and claims its share of the Pacific Rim boom.

Macaws: Winged Rainbows
By Charles A. Munn
Deep in the Peruvian Amazon these largest of parrots gather to eat riverbank clay. Why they do so is one of the many questions explored in this first detailed study of macaws in the wild.
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