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O kvalitě mého oblíbeného časopisu NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC svědčí nejen historie od roku 1888, ale hlavně miliony předplatitelů po celém světě. Nejde tedy o recenze, ale spíše o připomenutí jednotlivých čísel.

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September, 1986, Vol. 170, No. 3


North to the Pole
Five men and a woman reach the top of earth in the first successful dogsled expedition without resupply since Peary´s in 1909. Co-leader Will Steger tells of their trek, with photographs by the autor and Jim Brandenburg.

Skiing Alone to the Pole
French doctor Jean-Louis Etienne makes a solo dash across the Arctic ice.

The Intimate Sense of Smell
By Boyd Gibbons
Photographs by Louie Psihoys
Smells are surer than sounds or sights To make your heart-strings crack.

Remnants: The Last Jews of Poland
By Małgorzata Niezabitowska
Photographs by Tomasz Tomaszewski
Once they were many; now they are so few. Nearly three and a half milion Jews lived in Poland in 1939, and their homes, synagogues, and schools throbbed with an exuberance that made Poland a center of world Jewish culture. Then came the Holocaust...
In the years since, anti-Semitism has driven thousands more from Poland. Today the remaining Jews number perhaps 5 000, nearly all of them old, scattered like withered straw across the Polish plain.

Invaders From Space
By Kenneth F. Weaver
Photographs by Jonathan Blair
Blazing across the nichgt sky, a shoting star from the Geminid meteor shower cuts across star trails. Each year thousands of tons of extraterrestrial material, most of it undetected, breaches the atmospheric shield, ussualy to self-destruct before impact.
Vyhynutí mnoha druhů zvířat po zásahu Země meteoritem před 65 mil. lety.
Zmínka o moldavitech.
Nůž zhotovený z meteoritického železa.
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