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O kvalitě mého oblíbeného časopisu NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC svědčí nejen historie od roku 1888, ale hlavně miliony předplatitelů po celém světě. Nejde tedy o recenze, ale spíše o připomenutí jednotlivých čísel.

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August, 1976, Vol. 150, No. 2


Found at Last: The Monarch´s Winter Home
It took Canadian zoologist Fred A. Urquhart nearly 40 years to unravel this baffling mystery. Photographs by Bianca Lavies.

Venezuela´s Crisis of Wealth
Noel Grove and Robert W. Madden find much of this burgeoning nation awash in a sea of easy money. But a persistent worry nags at many minds: What will we do when the oil runs out?

Yanomamo, the True People
Oil-bought change sweeps Venezuela, and its Indians find their traditional world threatened by forces they cannot comprehend. Anthropologist Napoleon A. Chagnon describes a culture beset by civilization´s "gifts"-shotguns, steel axes, measles, and influenza.

Trustees Elect New Society Officers

The Cayman Trough, Window on Earth´s Interior
A hitherto unexplored gash in the Caribbean´s floor, four times as deep as the Grand Canyon, provides exciting clues to our globe´s inner structure.
By Robert D. Ballard and Emory Kristof.

Twilight Hope for Big Cypress
As the National Park Service prepares to acquire 900 square miles of south Florida wetlands, conservationists cheer. Real-estate developers see the action as just another land grab by "those people in Washington."
By Rick Gore and Patricia Caulfield.

Edinburgh: Capital in Search of a Country
Since 1707 Edinburgh-and the rest od Scotland-have lived under laws made in London. But now a Scottish National Party gathers strength on a platform dedicated to restoring Scottish independence.
By James Cerruti and Adam Woolfitt.
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